More LLN items

Adding some extra items re LLN.  One is a form I devised myself – after finding that many of my participants spent longer trying to locate ACSF tools at Levels 4 and 5 than it might take to create their own.  If you have also found this, or have some ideas and items for assessing LLN core skills at levels 4 and 5 please let me know – I would love to see them.

Generic LLN Assessment_for shared use

Example Trigger Words Glossary_from IBSA

short videos for trainers

Adding in a few videos which may be useful when training.

Body Language – Amy Cuddy 2012 Ted Talk

In my “training clips” folder are several short clips on the following;

Groups, Andragogy/Adult learning,  Learning Styles (VAK) and Learning Styles (Honey and Mumford).