About Kaleidoscopic (KSR)

Trainer, Assessor working in Vocational Adult Education, Trainer-training, Communication, Time Management, interpersonal and new manager training (accredited and non accredited). Also, mum, partner and Melbournite (formerly of Adelaide).

PD from IBSA (not a paid ad, just my “share”)

IBSA offer

I have purchased this – $88 plus no additional costs (electronic) for 12 months of IBSA Academy material. Don’t know how it will be – sharing for those who may be interested in checking it out, as it’s 20% reduced. If you’ve used this before/currently, I’d love to hear how you find it.

IBSA Academy – 12 month subscription | Innovation & Business Skills Australia


First look at training.gov.au

Updated “how to navigate” tga video

With screen recording and narration. 

First look at training.gov.au

Finding your way around tga to find a unit of competency, training package or accredited course – can be a stumper for people!

Let me know if you like it or want to use it.


VET Accredited Courses in Vic

Sharing a great site giving full details of Accredited VET Courses in Victoria (much better than the very mininal information available on training.gov.au for accredited courses).
http://www.education.vic.gov.au/training/providers/rto/Pages/courses.aspx this is a list (with full details when you click the links) of all Accredited Courses registered in Victoria. So glad I found this. It’s a hard, frustrating,  slow and sometimes fruitless exercise trying to get these full details sometimes.

VET Accredited Courses in Vic

Assessment “matching game”

I have been using WISC Online for online games and objects for a while now, this time I thought I would have a go at making my own (very basic!) game.  Have a go!  Or share with students. What do you think ?

Assessment Matching Game

This is not done as part of an e-learning program or via Moodle or Blackboard, rather, a stand-alone item which I could insert in e-learning (SCORM package) or use as suits the situation.  In this case just building a few items to have on hand.