About Kaleidoscopic (KSR)

Trainer, Assessor working in Vocational Adult Education, Trainer-training, Communication, Time Management, interpersonal and new manager training (accredited and non accredited). Also, mum, partner and Melbournite (formerly of Adelaide).

Uploaded animations etc for my participants

For any of my participants reading this – I have added some animations and sound files (animation on doing an Introduction to Group Training, sound files on one-on-one coaching and assessments, the video version is at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDHmKioLWqOqDkIeOivylwZnpPTgjhzFt and also at https://plotagon.com/ksr) so that you can better visualise what is coming up!


I am so pleased to say that after much work I have finished working on materials for an LLN course for one of my regular clients, ANMF Vic and I happy with how it has all come together.  Workshops will kick off from March 2014, some run by Anna and some by me.

Those of you who are members and/or regulars- the info should now (or soon) be on the website.

It isn’t mandatory for those who already hold TAE40110 and, if you are not working with or for an RTO you may not wish to add the extra unit, but if you do wish to then (a note especially to those whom I have trained or worked with in the past) I’d love to see you again at the workshop!

Happy Hot New Year too!





LLN – it’s a whole new world of acronyms

Language, Literacy and Numeracy – the fastest emerging area for vocational trainers and assessors to come to grips with.  From mid 2014 this will become a requirement of RTO Trainer and Assessors.  It takes quite some research to locate resources to use for LLN.  Perhaps this is because there are actually many references, resources, links and tools around – finding the ones to suit your purpose is, as usual, the tricky part.

I will share shortly some which I have found helpful so far.  I just need the time to post them all!